Top 10 tips to get ahead in the Dhani quiz app

A girl pointing the  Top 10 tips to get ahead in the Dhani quiz app

Top 10 tips to get ahead in the Dhani quiz app

Dhani quiz app was designed to be the best online quiz app in the market today, but there are thousands of apps out there and in order to beat the competition you need to do your research on how you can make your app rise above the rest. We compiled a list of top 10 tips that will help your Dhani quiz app get ahead of all the other competitors. If you follow these 10 steps to success, there’s no doubt your Dhani quiz app will hit top 10 in no time!

1) Play Every Day

It sounds like you're not playing the game enough. In order to win a round, you need to answer at least 12 questions correctly. By playing every day, you'll increase your odds of winning and getting more points which will allow you to take over someones place on the leaderboard. If you're interested in becoming #1, then play as often as possible!

2) Play Quick Games

The Dhani Quiz App is a way for you to test your knowledge against others, and also have fun while doing it. It's full of content that makes it easy for you to relax and have some fun while also testing yourself. Once you've passed level five, it will ask you a lot of questions and if you answer them correctly, the rest of the quiz will fill up with this content! Take time to read through these words, we want to show you how can be successful on this app.

3) Play Old Games Again

Playing Old Games Again is a lifestyle blog dedicated to teaching readers how to get old games back on their mobile devices. This blog discusses how to download and play Angry Birds, L.A. Noire, and Plants vs Zombies 2 with ease on your iPhone or Android device. Plus, it provides great information about playing these games online and offline too!

4) Ask Other Players For Help When Needed

Some people are born with that skill and learn quickly. Others need a little more help. If you find yourself unable to understand how the game works, go talk to other players. Find someone who's done well and see what they do differently from you! They can give you all sorts of great advice that could really improve your game and skyrocket your score!

5) Use Tips to Get Ahead

- Keep a healthy balance between leisure and work. Be conscious of when you're not giving your brain a break, and take some time off every day. If you need help working out your schedule, start with three days off per week. - Take care of yourself! Get enough sleep, eat right, and keep up on exercise. You'll be amazed at how much better you feel if you do these things on a regular basis. - Hold yourself accountable for what matters to you!

6) Prepare Brainstorm Sessions At The Start Of The Day

Try not to rush through your brainstorm sessions. Avoid distractions while brainstorming and focus on one question at a time. A great way to make sure you come up with more ideas is try forcing yourself by spending 5 minutes with just your sheet of paper, pen, and brain. Come up with any ideas you can think of during that time span before moving on to the next topic or question.

7) Follow The Think Happy Strategy

1. Start with a few minutes of deep breathing, stretching and warming up your muscles before you start answering questions. 2. Schedule time for doing so 3. Identify your weaknesses and try learning some quick facts or tricks that will help you with those parts of the test 4. Be realistic about how many questions you can answer at one time 5. Use short term memory skills: associate what you are reading with things from your life that relate 6. Turn off all distractions when taking the quiz 7.

8) Step Away From Screens Often

A general rule of thumb is to give your eyes a break every 20 minutes and let them rest. Staring at a screen for long periods of time, without any breaks, can lead to eye strain and fatigue. The best way to combat these symptoms is by giving your eyes a rest by reducing screen time. It's also important that you put your phone away from the TV when watching TV or playing video games.

9) Have A Personal Approach For Each Game You Play

1.Know what you're up against - The first thing to do is check out who your competition is. Know who they are, how many players they have, and what their capabilities are before you start playing. Don't waste your time by thinking you can jump in on a level that is too hard for you.

10) Remember To Celebrate Every Win!

Losing can be a demoralizing experience, but it is important to remember that winning isn't always at the end of a rainbow. Little wins along the way are just as important, and they will help you keep up your motivation! Remember, it's not about how many times you win or lose; it's about how many games you play. :)

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